19th Annotation
The Spiritual Exercises
in Daily Life

As you consider making the Spiritual Exercises, it is important to identify and consider some dispositions or attitudes vital for the integrity of this process. These “dispositions” suggest a way of approaching prayer which will be important for all that follows in the Exercises.

As the goal of the Spiritual Exercises, and in the language of our 16th century Spanish Mystic, Ignatius says: “The name of ‘spiritual exercises’ is given to any means of preparing and disposing your soul to rid itself of all its disordered affections, and then, after their removal, of seeking and finding God’s will in the ordering of your life for the salvation of your soul.” Today we might say: “the Spiritual Exercises are designed to help you identify and address negative life patterns or attachments in order to grow in freedom and openness to hear God’s call and to respond to it with generosity.”



  • Possess a genuine curiosity about God.

  • In the habit of daily prayer and ready to commit to at least 60 minutes of prayer, reflection and journaling each day for 32 weeks

  • Familiar with the use of Sacred Scripture.

  • Open and receptive to ongoing spiritual direction.

  • Comfortable sharing the details of your prayer experience with a spiritual director.

Application Process

A typed 3 to 4 page typed autobiographical sketch sharing your faith journey, addressing the following: (Please email to mamore@mayslakeministries.org)

  1. Who is God for you?

  2. When do you pray? How do you pray?

  3. How has your knowledge of / relationship with God evolved over time?

  4. What would you like to see happen in your spiritual life?

Spiritual Direction Requirement

Are you currently in Spiritual Direction? Monthly Spiritual Direction is a valuable and part of the process and Mayslake Ministries can connect you with the appropriate director if need be.


Prior to the retreat an in-person meeting with the program leader will be required to discuss your desire to take this journey. The following questions will be asked:

  1. What is your familiarity with Ignatian Spirituality?

  2. Why would you like to make a 19th annotation retreat at this time?

  3. What are your desires/hopes as you consider making this retreat?

Pilgrimage Investment

$900 payable in three installments. First installment due on or before October 1, 2022.