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Welcome to Graced Encounters:

A Mom’s Ministry sponsored by Mayslake Ministries in partnership with the Diocese of Joliet!

As Catholic women it is often difficult for us to find sufficient time to take care of our spiritual life because we are so busy juggling the demands of raising children, working, and caring for our families.  Mayslake Ministries understands your needs and has created a special program with moms in mind! Graced Encounters offers women from all walks of life five spiritual avenues to help deepen their faith in Christ:






Through parish presentations, inspiring online videos and blogs, prayer experiences and retreats, mom’s can find valuable resources for their spiritual life at Mayslake Ministries.  Our Mom’s Ministry Team is comprised of five Catholic mothers who are passionate about helping moms of all ages to experience the presence of Christ in the midst of their busy lives.

There’s an old saying that goes, “We can only give what we have first received.”  In order for us to pass on the Catholic faith to our children, we must choose to put our relationship with Jesus first so that we can joyfully share the Good News of Jesus Christ with our family, friends and with all those God sends our way.  We look forward to hearing from you!


Dr. Mary Amore

Executive Director

This October, let the women of our Graced Encounters Team help you illuminate your path this fall with the wisdom of the Book of Proverbs. We will study a Chapter a day and discuss with reflections and questions posted by our Four dynamic members of the Moms’ Ministry Team.

Each day a new question, reflection, or video will be available in our private Facebook group. We encourage you to participate by sharing and responding to these and to other member’s and their insights. It is our hope that through this month of study we will grow closer to God and His holy wisdom. You will find the flyer for this FREE program below.

Proverbs Bible Study

Please join our facebook group by clicking the following link.

Graced Encounters Moms’ Ministry Group

Mayslake Ministries is excited to offer a Moms’ Ministry Kit for parishes who are struggling to create this valuable ministry.

Please click below to view a flyer explaining this kit, for further information please call Dr. Mary Amore at 630-852-9000.

Moms Ministry Kit Booklet